New shopfront in Norwich

The shopfront is designed to be able to provide display use but also give enough privacy for the intended office use of the property. Use of subdivided windows gave it both a traditional appearance and increased sense of privacy from the inside.


Console Brackets before painting and installation

The design incorporates new hand-carved oak console brackets at either end of the signboard which replaced the rotted existing brackets and internal shutters painted to resemble a 15th century church rood screen, with concealed lighting, to provide interest for pedestrians even when the shop is closed.

Shopfront Development

no33GeorgePlunkett This photo of Numbers 33 and 31 St Augustines by George Plunkett from the 1930s shows what the building looked like before it lost its attic gable. The gable is to be reinstated and the traditional appearance of the shopfront is to be restored.
33existing150 The building was in bad repair when we started work.
33proposed150 The building as proposed with attic gable reinstated to match the neighbouring property. The attic gables are a quintessential element of 17th century Norwich Architecture.